The Music Dabbler

There is live music at the west end pub twice a week. The duo that play on Wednesday nights have graciously allowed me to share the stage with them every week. I literally stop working for the time it takes me to belt out a diddie for the patrons. People love it. It’s fun for them to see their server on stage, and it’s exciting for me to have a chance to practice with a pair of incredible and accomplished musicians.

People have begun referring to me as a musician. I reject this label. I see my friends who have degrees in music, who earn a living playing and teaching music, who live and breath music. They are musicians. I merely dabble. I perform weekly out of circumstance. I would never want to rely on it, I am an enthusiastic hobbyist.

For any budding musicians out there, I would recommend bartending in a live music venue. It’s an excellent networking opportunity.


me and guitarMe rocking out!


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